Monday, September 15, 2008

I didn't think we would make it to Shoot

Tuckered out after the shoot. I got to wrangle, which was so neat. It was a super,awesome, crazy, Vulcan mindmelding experience. We worked as a team, as they took direction from me on the sidelines from a distance, and I think WE did a really great job. I'll write more when I have pic's from the shoot. I never thought we'd make it to the shoot.

I was a mess this weekend. George started shaking uncontrollably Friday night in pain. I wracked my brain to think of what he could have ate being a beagle owner, it's the first thing that comes to mind! Over thinking and leaving things up to my dramatic imagination I figured was worst than surfing the I started surfing the net while I held him in a position that seemed to alleviate the shaking and pain for the rest of the night.

I surfed for possibilities...poison, obstructions, paralysis....I have come to find comfort in surfing. I try to inform myself on what to ask the vet or fill myself full of knowledge so I don't feel like a dork when I have no idea how the vet could have come to his diagnosis. It is both nerve wracking and calming at the same time.

Yup, I am a worry wart. I've been to the vet in a panic a few times and sent home with a eyepopping bill only to wait a few more hours for Daizy to throw up, whatever was upsetting her stomach, and then start wagging as if nothing happened in the first place. Sort of like the relief you get after undoing your belt when you ate wayyyyy too much dinner, and your next thought is "so what's for dessert!"

Saturday we found out he's has/had back trauma. He's on anti-inflammatory /pain meds and is being a trooper. We'll find out more with xrays. Good news is it's not neurological.

He was feeling good enough to do the shoot today. I'll have pic's and post about that later.
I was very thankful Alice came with me. She's a rock.

George goes in for xrays tomorrow morn. I feel so horrible that he might have to go under just to do the xrays as they need to position him on his back and restrain him. I hate the fact that I can't communicate to him what is going to happen tomorrow, so he knows that the people positioning him are only doing it for his best interest. Good news is I really like this new vet. His name is Dr. Honey. How sweet is that (I know, ha ha ).

He had good sense to see George was shy at first being in the vet, so he turned sideways and didn't make eye contact and just let George come to him. I had to leave him there for a few hours while he could exam him, which I thought was odd but turned out that they did a really through exam. I never thought to check his back. I automatically assumed it was his stomach. So I'm worried, but feel comfortable leaving him there. Well not really, but that's what I'm trying to convince myself.


snoutbeagle said...

I thought about you all day yesterday, excited to hear about your shoot.

I had no idea what you were going through this weekend! Thoughts and prayers coming your and little George's way. Please keep me posted as soon as you know anything.

I surf to ease my mind and become informed too, but do you ever find new scenarios online that leave you feeling even more freaked?! My imagination can run wild too!

Dr. Honey ... that's perfect! I can't even say our vet's last name so I stick to Dr Dean. :)

Lots and lots and lots of good, positive wishes ...


River said...

We have had back problems in our pack over the years but probably would not have thought of that either, given George's symptoms. Anti-inflammatories are a great help. There are stories of rimadyl causing problems but in my experience it's gotten them walking again from not walking at all. I hope he'll feel better soon. Also looking foward to the pictures!