* IGNORING and REDIRECTING instead of punishment

When I am not a fan of something my pups do I'll either....

1-turn my head away from, walk away, and they miss out on the fun or opportunity to interact. 
ie...They want to play with me while I'm on my laptop, I just turn my head away from them ...being dismissed :) and continue working on my laptop.  Then they'll normally just lie down under my feet waiting for me to initiate interaction :P


2-I ask them for an incompatible behaviour , to let them know what I'd prefer to see them do instead.  ie...they're on the couch, I say, "go to your mat"...and they do!  I love it!

Here's George and I working on Leave it's. Instead of saying 'no" or worst, when he tries to wander off the mat, I just tell him to "back it up" a cue I taught as a party trick...sure comes in handy :)

Dr. Karen Overall is my absolute hero when it comes to explaining how dogs and humans learn on a molecular level and how non-confrontational methods provide the ideal condition for teaching behaviours, expecially when overcoming behavioural challenges.