Monday, November 23, 2009

Daizy had another seizure...but she still plays a mean game of soccer!

I always worry after a seizure if there is some visual sign that it's affecting Daizy's
motor skills or worst yet her joie de vie...but as you can see she's still my crazy daizy!

Daizy seizure diary:

Nov. 23- 2:08 am - 2:25 - ictal stage for most- freezing, extending limbs, rocking side to side, focusing in and out of seizure. No paddling or worst so I consider ourselves lucky.

I think I'm going to have to get used to the fact that she seizures.  I'll still continue on her raw food, vitamins, or cooked food. Staying away from commercial diet.  It's healthier and I find myself eating healthier too :)

Thankfully so far she seizures while we sleep so I am there to comfort her while she's in and out of seizure mode, and to keep her safe from harm.  Also, thankfully they are still more than 1mo apart.  I'll put her on meds if they increase in frequency.

So far for 2009;

March - big one- 15 min-3am: includes above, paddling, drooling, throwing up (had an exciting day at agilty workshop, used commercial food in treat bag with other goodies)

Sept-13-big one-15 min- 5am: includes above, paddling, lots of drooling, gave her honey afterwards (had an exciting day at agility workshop, used commercial food in treat bag with other goodies)

Nov -22 - mid size-18min-2am: see above for details, gave her honey afterwards. She's been on raw light meat, veggies and or cooked (I ran out of raw and cooked until the weekend)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

my new blog

My shift in focus is another path or journey to explore which
is to create an organic garden, delve deeper into the practice of
Buddhism which links body and mind, and share any inspirational
quotes I come across.  So if ever you're having a bad day....
this new blog will hopefully lift your spirits, if not spirits,
it will make your stomach growl!

Brittania beach across from my fav coffee shop

My pups are superstars, I absolutely love how much we've learnt
and am very proud of our accomplishments.  They are perfectly
imperfect for me.  I've lost count of how many cues we've learnt,
and look forward everyday of their doggie antics, melt in your
mouth sweet things they do, and new games we make up.

Howe Sound, taken from the Spit- kiteboarding mecca

Our new journey begins!  Be assured that my houndz will
be happy about their new jobs as testers of the organic
treats and dishes we come up with.
After all they are as much foodies as I am!

Puppy fever

Before I loose these photos...I thought it'd be a good idea to put these up on this site.
These are the only pic's of Daizy n George, their other ones were lost in a computer crash  :(

Crazy Daizy the party girl

Georgie my sweet pea

Keegan, Mikatura's Joker's Wyld.  He melts my heart too.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tree Huggers

My camera lens is shot.  No new pictures or video to share (indoor soccer with Daizy and Keegan will have to wait).

I did find this set of pictures,  which inspired me to get a new pair of comfy -20 below, waterproof, cute hiking boots so I can get back on the trails!

Any forest conservation activists looking for new recruits?

I didn't realize watching them turn around would be such a nail biting experience...they are not exactly the graceful type!

On their way down, looks familiar...A Frame!

I love big velvety beagle ears! 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The rainbow that came to say hello

I was out for coffee at my favourite coffee shop, Galileio and out of the gloomy sky across the way a rainbow caught my eye.   If it were not for the grey sky I would have missed that rainbow.   I guess I could say the same thing about life.