Friday, September 19, 2008

Teasers from the shoot

Smiley Daizy n Serious George
Daizy wears her heart on her sleeve.......this was after about the 14th take :)

Daizy was bored of sitting so she lay down then spread in the frog position with her head between her paws. Here's her almost in the frog postion with head between her paws. Everyone let out a "awe" so we ended up shooting a few scenes where I cue her to do it.

One of my favorite friends (since passed away last year) said he didn't believe I could teach my dogs a trick in a week. So my mission was to teach them a trick named "James".

When I said "James' Daiz n George were to put their head down, in my lap or anyone's lap that cued them to do so and look up ( add  "awe"  here again ).  To cue on set I used the hand signal from the side lines which was the basis for Daizy putting her head between her paws when she lay down.  It's so cool when you practice a new cue in enough places, that they globalize or understand that it doesn't matter where you go, the handsignal or verbal cue means do it right then and there, not only at home where they learnt it.  

James was an amazing writer/creative/always there for you no matter what sort of friend and it sent a shock through my system that the pose that they wanted Daizy to repeat was "James". Felt like he was there with me.

The edit is next week, then we should be on air by Oct. 6th.

The production was shot in on a green screen set, which should become white background once we're done with the edit.

It was a once in a life time experience and so much fun! For a good cause to boot. I'll post more details closer to airdate and hopefully a couple more stills & video once we're done.

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snoutbeagle said...

Heart on her sleeve ... Marvin shares that trait with Daizy. He has no problem telling me I'm the most exciting thing in his universe in one breath and entirely too boring in the next (head down looking at me with disinterested "you've got to be kidding" me look in the eyes) ... thankfully he's thrilled more often than not. ;)

I'm sorry to learn that you lost your very dear friend a year ago. Very sweet to name the James trick after him. Funny that he didn't believe you could teach a trick in a week ... heck, sometimes they get certain things in 15 minutes!

Happy Monday!