A high-probability behaviour can be used to reinforce a low-probability behaviour. 

Leslie McDevitt's, Control Unleashed; "What makes this principle so interesting is that it takes the conflict out of training your dog"

 Pamela J. Reid phd "Excel-erated Learning" explains in simple terms it's "Gramma's law" it boils down to "Eat your veggies and you can have dessert..."

We use it as a foundation when we're out on trails for recalls,  along with other situations!!! Nature provides an abundance of rewards, you just need to keep an eye out for what YOUR dog LOVES to do when out and about.

ie..Daisy LOVES retrieving balls from the water....so...I take the opportunity when she  checks in with me from a distance, without me asking...I say "yes!", "cha ching!", "Whoo hoo" something that acknowledges that I LIKE what she just did... and then start racing to the river's edge, with her racing to me in hot pursuit and throw her favourite air Kong ball I keep in my pocket in the water to retrieve.  RECALL without even asking for one ;)

I love it! She ends up checking in with me more often as I come up with fun, tasty, adventurous ways to "thank her" for doing so!

It's awesome for rewarding attention and for "impulse control" issues, over arousal issues...everyday life...ie.. if you sit/stay at the door, we'll go out for a walk, put your head on my lap and that's an automatic up on the couch for cuddles, four on the floor means I'll throw the ball for you for not jumping up at my hand to grab it :)

Beauty is it doesn't have to be something you asked for, just something polite, then give them access to something they enjoy.  

There are unlimited opportunities to what YOUR dog would consider a reward at any given moment...by asking them to do something for you...even if it's waiting for a default behaviour, like looking at you,paying attention.

I love this talk by Dr. Ian Dunbar...one of my favourites

You become the gate keeper to all things fantastic, tasty, and adventurous.

It is easy and fun!  No nagging required, if they don't they just miss out on the fun.  See my Redirect or Ignore page for more info.

They'll get the hang of the routine in no time!