Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Re: Indoor soccer and being nimble

I got all rev'd up about a Treibball "how to" video as I want to teach Daizy n Kee herding cues but I don't have a flock for them to work ;)   The basics are teaching the dog to nose target the base of a ball to roll it, then directional cues come next.

Before I commit to buying yoga balls, I'll have to wait for spring as we have no room in the house to be loading it up with yoga balls for them to herd. I decided to use the soccer ball, and use the agility posts as goal. Daizy already knows how to play soccer, now it's George's turn!

It's important to be able to incorporate different training techniques to achieve your "training" needs. Not locking yourself into only one technique (shaping, prompting ie..targeting and luring)means the communication flows and you achieve your goals faster.  Both of us, George and I looking to each other for direction and then celebrating the babysteps along the way. I love it!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My turn

 Almost there.
 Hurry up.
Let's go already.

Don't want to leave.

Daizy n George got to go for their favourite walk this morning, then I headed out with Darrell and Keegan for some x-country in the afternoon.

There were some really not so nice dogs out there today. Let me tell you that MY dogs are no angels...BUT we work hard everyday and they've come light years!!! If only there was a rule that if you can't recall your dog to you in 1 or at the very most 2 times NO MATTER what they're up to...then really, I don't think off leash privileges are fair to dogs who rush others.

Kee did a great job trying to diffuse their posturing, but I can tell when he's had enough. He's true to his herding instinct and is happy to tell another dog off if he's in his face, by barking back at them if they won't let him leave, which I've got to work on.   He had to duck down and around a couple of dogs who were blocking his way, standing there growling and showing their teeth.  A large spaniel and white coiffed poodle. What a witch they were as a team.  I actually yelled to the owners to call their dogs, because they're being rude.

I'm too old to fall into those traps, but Keegan is only 2 and needs to learn that leaving bullies instead of confronting them, is not only the safest thing to do, but in reality, he's letting them know their behaviour is unbecoming.  If they can't be nice, then they'll be lonely.

Anyways, nothing I learn to overcome is ever a waste...if anything it it's just one more trick for my training tickle trunk to share with others.
All in all, the majority of dogs were really fun. Interestingly enough those fun dogs stuck close to their owners, where as the bullies were for the most part no where in the vacinity of their owners.

I also noticed that those irresponsible owners, like Mr. owner of rude who rushed us like a missile, white Shepherd,  didn't even give a "shit" for others who use the trails, to pick up his own dog's poop. 

It was a great day, just wish some would be more considerate of others or leave their dogs at home.  I know that'll never happen...but it doesn't hurt to get the word out there!

Maybe they have an opening for a "dog patrol" :P