This technique is instrumental in calming over aroused dogs and teaches them how to harness their energy, anxiety, fear, stress....anything that causes them to go into alert mode into...."hey!  I sure hope a dog/bike/cat/person....balloon...pops up soon because treats, rewards, my most favourite things in life happen when they do!"


"the counter conditioning process involves taking a fear-provoking stimulus, which has come to be associated with an unpleasant situation and changing the association to one of signaling a pleasant situation."  Pamela Reid, Excel-erated Learning  http://www.dogwise.com/itemdetails.cfm?ID=DTB500


"Desensitization involves presenting low levels of the fear provoking stimulus and gradually working up to full-blown stimulus"  Pamela Reid, Excel-erated Learning

Both of these techniques go hand in hand in over coming not only fear related but hyper arousal, outta control behaviours.

I love it!