Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daizy would kill for one of these!

Daizy needs one of these:


Not your usual helper:

We're on dog baby sitting duty tonight.  I've been making agility cue notes and Darrell's been  surfing the web, and came across this vid.

Next is playing "find the popcorn" & then settling down to watch Wall-e to bring in the New Year :) 

Happy New Year all!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eagle Estuary - along the Mamquam river

Mamquam river where eagles normally flock to early Dec. to cash in on the salmon buffet.
Last year we watched a harbor seal fish for salmon and eagles line up for a chunk of freshly caught salmon.  This year, wasn't very exciting :(  Too cold to stay out for very long.
Not much need for an eagle air traffic controller today either.
As you can see from the expression on Keegan's face.....the walk was kinda boring, although the scenery picturesque and calming.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Guess what I got for christmas!

Jack...AKA Reuben (foster with separation anxiety)...he actually responds to the sound of we've been running with it.

Yeah!   A new camera!!!!!  Thank you Darrell!!!!  It's an HD Cannon.  Macro of bird about 6ft away....sweet!!!
Cabin on ice.

Crazy action shot of Keegie boo.

Santa :)
Crazy Keegan......little firey one .....he's sure growing into his name :)

 It also takes clear video as well.  It's not as clear once uploaded to Youtube, but it beats the heck out of my cell phone.

Video of  Jack....AKA Reuben and basic walking skills we've worked on so far...I'm hoping this will entice someone to give him a chance to show them how wonderful he is.  A true diamond in the ruff.  He wasn't responding to Reuben, but when we said Jack (jumping Jack Flash..from counter surfing...) he whips his head around at the sound of the word, so we've run with it!


CHEERS to all for a wonderfully warm Christmas holiday filled with visits from old and new friends, too much rich food and spirits and lots of hugs, laughter, long walks with the pups and afternoon snoozes!

Luvs from 

Katherine & the rebels without a clue crew.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Merry wishes for a warm and fuzzy holiday!

It's too busy to take pic's, I'm sure I'll write more while on holiday. I was rummaging through my old flickr photos and came across these two pic's from George's first Christmas and thought I'd share them with you. Everytime I'd put the Santa hat on Daizy to snap a cute Christmas photo.....George would come running to sneak attack and pull it off of Daizy's head :)

Victory! The world is a safe place once again.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Daizy ringing a bell

We discussed cues to help with housetraining in our puppy class.
One that came up was ringing a bell.  I taught Daizy that :)

I made a video last night, to prove beagles too can ring bells!
She's so cute, I couldn't resist putting it up here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Paw in Hand Puppy Pre-school pic's :) first round

Yay!  Round one of classes under our belt!  It was so rewarding to see everyone last class having fun with their pups in the name of training!  Not one "No" or yank or stern voice yelling fido, fido, fido, sit, sit, sit, sit! be heard :)

We made last class a game night, to review all that we've taught.  
1-Walking around with slack lead, using praise and sweet talk to keep pup focused in an area littered with  loonies, toonies, quarters and a down or sit on one earned you some pocket change :)
2-Recall through an agility tunnel, using a game with their favorite toy as the reward. All were agility stars!
3-Toy in wooden spoon rally race for juggling picking up a toy with a wooden spoon and having pup sit while you get yourself organized before walking to the far end of the gym, then sit again while you dump the toy and then praise & game of chase as a reward to race back dog along side you to tag the next player.
4-Revv pup up and Settle game (only standing still as the pup's cue to settle and give you eye contact)
5-Last off leash play, with people picking up odd things and walking funny, to see if pup's would be fearful of something, then having intervals of everyone going over to different pups and asking them to sit, down, collar grab.
6-Start of Stay.....using your body language to release the pup, until they understand the word "Stay".