Friday, October 24, 2008

The art of snoozing by George

Find fluffiest pillow on the couch to climb on top of,
hang your leg and paw over and wedge your head behind,
snuggle in, close your eyes and catch some zzzz...

If you're lucky,

you'll end up with someone to share your snuggle spot with.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nature-David Suzuki- Nowtopia-toxic personalities -the road to recovery



I love these shots; too bad I can't zoom. We are surrounded by mountains of which some are snow capped all year round.

David Suzuki interview:

Middle of the page, Part 2 : Nowtopia (click on the "listen to part 2:" below the Nowtopia article)

I love finding articles, listening to interviews and documentaries that break through the clutter of doom and gloom and actually give you something to act upon.

Toxic people:

This past month or so, I've met so many toxic people who aren't happy unless they're being verbally/ emotionally abusive trying to rationalize their own shortcomings. Way too many! Everything was compounded by the fact that I worked way too many days and nights for over a month and am burnt out so my emotional stated was pushed to the max.

I shut everything out this weekend and made it my "retreat" weekend to regroup and recharge.

Road to recovery: Thanksgiving weekend.

I'm lucky that don't need to go anywhere, or spend any money on therapy (retail therapy included :P), I am rich with everything I need right here at home, and am surrounded by family and friends and pups that make my insides beam with light, laughter and love.

Hopefully one day if more and more people focus on eco solutions that it'll squeeze out all the doom and gloomers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dusk walk at the Spit

It's been so stupid busy at work, I've been working day and night with my only refuge being daily walks/ jogs with the dogs. Weather has been beautiful but we're coming into some rain, so tonight I headed out to the Spit for a long walk. It's the off season of Kite boarding so we had the place to ourselves:)

I love that about Squamish, you can choose to be around people, or if you want to be selfish you can enjoy a trail all to yourself.

Finally a shot of Taiki where you can actually see his cute little button face.
Sunset hidden from the clouds.

Something caught George's eye.
He tried walking on water to get to it.....but was shocked to find out that he couldn't :P
I love his back leg, speed boat, dog paddle wake :P This was his first deep water swim!
Panoramic view, of mountains facing the Estuary trail we normally walk.

Ahhhh I feel relaxed now. Bring on the chaos!