Thursday, April 30, 2009

SPRINGTIME from my car window

Looks like Miami....but it's VANCOUVER ;)  taken this morning on my drive along Pacific Blvd on my way to a radio session.  

Can't wait for the weekend!!!!   We'll be visiting our old haunts in town!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things to do on a sunny spring day

Find some place with grass, not a mud pit... like our back yard right now (lots of snow this winter + lots of rain this spring = muck)

A grassy hill is even better!

Find something to chomp on... pine cones will do.
Or maybe not :P

You can always pretend to wriggle around, as if you have an impossible itch,  and get closer and closer to someone else's pine cone... which of course tastes much better than yours....
Daizy, you're not fooling George... he's not interesting in sharing.

Keegan gives it a try, but has yet to perfect his performance.  Daizy gives up, belly up.

Back to the hill and the fun stuff.

Start at the top of the hill on your back,

then wriggle, 
and wriggle your way to the bottom, 
and race back up to start again :)

Jump in the car, do some errands, and then find another place to stop and see what there is to do.

This beach will do! 
Play water frisbee! 
Yikes, where to now :)

Enjoy a Vegan seafood platter!

Then maybe have a huddle to decide what your next game plan is.

How about a game of chase!

The game begins.

I can never get over how wide my smile gets when I see beagle ears flapping in the wind!

When you get bored of "chase" , there's always " follow the leader".

Sun is setting, it's time to head back to Squamish.  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aqua herding anyone ..........

We were walking and came across a pond with geese enjoying a quiet swim.  Keegan's eyes lit up as if he won the lottery, and I kept quiet to see what he would do...

He made his way stealth like towards the pond, looking as if he was an old pro, pacing back and forth along the bank (without any formal training) which actually rounded the geese up in a tighter circle.  
I thought this would be the extent of his herding as they were safely in the water, and to date I had never witnessed aqua herding..........
Until that day!  I wish I would have snapped pictures but I was too busy laughing watching him in the water trying to swim to herd the geese up into a tighter group! ..... a close look at his drown rat wet look :)

Aussie fur dries sooo much quicker than Beagle fur.  

I think we'll have to add a herding workshop to our list of adventures to embark on!

I was thinking of using some of the directional cues in agility as they sound soooo cool!

Jeni the breeder got a kick out of Keegan's adventure, and sent me Foss's workshop notes on herding cues now I can get a head start :)