Monday, June 30, 2008

Petgill Lake-across from Murrin (May 2008)

5 1/2hr hike, a bit of everything; level, uphill, rocky, through trees, and even snow till we reached the peak & lake below.
There were these plants that looked like they belonged in a different climate in a different setting. Reminded me of Peace Lillies, except the flower was yellow instead of white.
Best part was the view over looking the lake below. It was kind of sketchy on the sloped rock, but beautiful being perched up

Home w/Keegan-Darrell's beloved hammock (June 2008)

Back in Squamish with Keegan, we went to an open field and introduced Keegan to the crew (Daizy, George n Taiki), it was so beautiful out that Darrell ended up getting his kite and we hung out there until we were all pooped out. Once home, Darrell decided to put up his hammock to chill Taiki and Keegan helped out (neighborhood bunny stuck around too). I love being at the right place at the right time to snap pics! See below for the hammock story to unfold.

Who needs Q-tips when you have Keegan!

Kamloops-Keegan roadtrip (June 2008)

I love how Kamloops looks different than the heavily populated Evergreen landscape we have here in Vancouver and Squamish. It reminds me more of the desert. Dry, hot, and in place of the Evergreens, you'll see these silver leaved bushes/trees. They remind me of sage bushes. Keegan had a blast rolling in the ground cover, and inhaling bushes...I'm surprised he didn't start howling afterwards, and acting drunk...he was in heaven!

Icefields-Keegan roadtrip (June 2008)

I missed the turn off for Vancouver and ended up at the Icefields, heading my way to Jasper! Below a coupe of teaser pic's. It was very touristy, and I only snapped a couple of pic's. We walked across the street to the icefield but I chose only to show the picture from a distance, and not of the buses that littered the Icefield where you can go to get a closer look. I prefer to enjoy nature in more of a raw state. Keegan bear in the first bottom corner has never experienced was so cute....ofcourse he had to have a roll in that too!

Bow Lake-roadtrip to p/up Keegan (June 2008)

Bow Lake is so Majestic! Unfortunately my cell camera didn't pick up the turquoise in the water. The day was pretty overcast. Most of the rivers in the area were the same light, crisp and dreamy blues. It was hard to take my eyes off them....I enjoyed the Zen moment here.

If Keegan could speak of his experience of Bow would be more about the shrubs; I'm sure he wished we could take home as they were great if you needed a good back scratch or toothpick... AND...of the wonderful textures nature has to roll around in.....Have I mentioned that he loves rolling?.....rolling in shrubs, grass, water, far nothing stinky :) Here are his pic's..........

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Roadtrip to AB -Keegan intro

Puppy Australian Shepherd Keegan and I went on a road trip from Rocky Mountain House AB back to Squamish BC.

It was surprisingly one of the best ways I've experienced to date to bond with a new puppy. We got to stop along the way and soak in the beautiful scenery and share camping adventures. It was a super way for me to start off crate, socialization, and housetraining having the one on one time to concentrate without the distractions of everyday responsibilities.

Thankfully I have Alice (thank you for the DAP recommendation for our road trip) and Rita at Dogsmart who have taught, guided and cheerleaded me in my couple rounds of puppy and training classes with Daizy and George. Now Keegan and I start puppy classes soon !!! It's going to be a hoot. I love how each of my dogs have different personalities, and I learn something different from each round of classes. It sure keeps life interesting! My Daizy, George n Taiki are such great big brothers & sister to little Keegie boo. It sure makes things much easier on me having them helping out. I didn't expect them to instinctually jump into those roles.

The Spit--Just how windy is it ? (May-2008)

They just love hanging out at The Spit. Watching the crazy windsurfing & kite boarders. Their stunts, jump and crashes are nail biting and fun to watch, not that I'll ever participate, it beats tv sports anyday.

There are normally lots of friendly people around. I swear the fresh air and outdoor activities brings out the best in people. I can't think of a sport we've enjoyed where people aren't friendly or chatty.

It's also very pet friendly, it's great being able to bring the pups along to hang out.

The Spit-Low tide leading up to it (May 2008)

Darrell dropped me off about 1km before The Spit where you can kiteboard, windsurf, jet ski, kayak. It's the windest spot in Squamish and on sunny days......just jam packed with enthusiasts and spectators (me and my crew of hounds)

I'll take pictures of the sports at a later date, but thought I'd share our walk to the spit with my guys Daizy and George. They just love the outdoors and fun places we find to enjoy walks. I'm soooooo grateful to the girls at Dogsmart for teaching us how to work as a team, and our years of off leash preparation and recalls. I can have my pups on and in safe leash. Yup, you heard right ...beagles can be off leash if you work with them. We've come a long way and I'm proud to say, it's all through creating positive associations. No yelling, squishing, yanking, choke collars or worst.."why I otta"...or "if you don't".....I absolutely LOVE them to bits! I call them my little border collies in beagle suits :)

ps. I just had to mention this as it kills me to see owners who "handle" or are rough or use equipment...with their dogs all in the name of "training". I've seen the horrible fallout from that sort of training, and it breaks my heart.

Nexus beach-Winter pic's (2007)

Couldn't resist showing you winter pic's of Nexus beach, it's beautiful just the same.

These are pictures on one of my dusk walks with the dogs from the end of the trail loop, at the beach, and along the way.

Nexus beach-Spring pic's (2008)

Nexus beach loop is at the end of our Squamish downtown drag used to be industrial section. It still has skeletons of the equipment left behind but now they're hoping to revamp the area with a highrise complex and greenspace walking area for people and dogs to enjoy. It only takes about 20-30 mins to do the loop, but it's a great place to jog, walk and meet up with other dog owners. Dogs are allowed on the beach year round :) I've attached pic's of Banjo, one of my past fosters, George (beagle) and Taiki (pug) with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and beach.

Murrin hike-to peak (June 2008)

I loved this hike, a quick 1 1/2 hrs on one of the poorly marked trails, straight up through the forest. The only reason we made it up to the top look out was that we just kept hiking uphill. You can fish, picnic, hike, and rock climb in and around Murrin. It's just off the highway, and about 10 mins from our home :) We encountered a deer seen in the top, center of the trail picture below which is an example of the "trail" path :P

Alice Lake-Trail pictures (Fall 2007)

The Alice Lake trails are an easy, relaxing hike, where you find yourself walking under the umbrella of the forest. It's a great rainy or snowy day hike that you can do in less than a couple of hours.
It was a pretty dense forest with a wide mulch walking path. The majority of trees were Evergreens. Every once in a while, a pop of bright yellow, or light green would catch your eye, scrawny looking little trees popping up along the way. There are three lakes to stop and enjoy along the way, I've left those as surprises.

Alice Lake-Interesting fungus (Fall 2007)

Everywhere we looked we'd find these interesting fungi on our walk.
One day I'll look up their names, but for now I've named them the coral, clams, fried egg, and climbing hold fungi we came across during our fall hike along the Alice lake trail.