Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cheakamus Canyon-a view to kill

"Glacier-swept peaks, dramatic rock bluffs" 9km, elevation gain 200m, high point 400m. Take your time!!!! I left quite a few of the breathtaking views off this post. Below are just the teasers.
This trail comes with some interesting history. In 1853 Gov.James Douglas sent 2 men to scout out a route to Howe Sound that would be less harrowing and less troublesome than established routes of gold seekers, they carved this route out, then the gov. deemed it too unsafe. I can't imagine the downer that must have been, especially without our modern day equipment! In 1877 they tried it as a cattle drive, but unfortunately the steep trail and deep snow did not provide safe passage, poor cows. In 1912 the route was surveyed for rail travel, and by 1918 the first train passed through and still does to this day.
Quiet spot of the river. You walk along side it for the first while, the sound of rushing water, I never get tired of it. If I could have, I would have loved to walk in it for the first bit.

Remnants of an old lava flow...between 10,000 - 15,000 yrs ago. We took pic's of lava rock as well, very coolio. The teacher in Darrell comes out, his audience are mesmerized by his trivia. I wish I could pack the trivia he does into my brain. Then again, maybe not. I wouldn't have room for all my quirky "kathism's".

Here's the railway....way down below. Dogs on leash is a must! Especially curious and fearless beagles and Aussies!

This one bridge....yup a bridge, to get you from one side of the trail to the other. All of the dogs came to an abrupt halt at this part. It was freaky, definitely safe but freaky.

Finally at the top! I took this pic and realized that Keegie-boo is looking all grown up! Daizy banana is almost 8 yrs.....I'm convinced that time is speeding up.

Sometimes events happen that make me feel like I've been hit upside of the head with a frying pan. My spirit feels like I haven't aged a day since my mischievous years, but something like this picture, will remind me that another year or....8 have flown by!

Cutie little putie D n Taiki. The calm before...

...the sneak attack!
Keegan proves himself time and time again as the dog version of Kato from Pink Panther!

A rocky way up but well worth the birds eye view hike. Make sure to start early so you can dangle your legs over the side of the path and soak in the view. Please keep leads on dogs at all times!

My favourite part of that day was capturing this family moment.


snoutbeagle said...


You live in heaven, I'm sure of it.

What a wonderful day you had. Thank you so much for sharing. When I come to visit can we please do this hike? I love the height and the scary bridge and train tracks WAY below are cool!

Thank you for all the raw info. I meant to get to the shop for more research this weekend but had a completely lazy weekend at home instead. Solid two days of rain made for a weekend of shelter and snuggles indoors. Of course this entire work week is forecasted to be beautiful! :P

Today's the big filming day! Can't wait to hear about it!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Wow, that's one amazing walk, truly beautiful photos! Aaarrrooo!