Monday, November 23, 2009

Daizy had another seizure...but she still plays a mean game of soccer!

I always worry after a seizure if there is some visual sign that it's affecting Daizy's
motor skills or worst yet her joie de vie...but as you can see she's still my crazy daizy!

Daizy seizure diary:

Nov. 23- 2:08 am - 2:25 - ictal stage for most- freezing, extending limbs, rocking side to side, focusing in and out of seizure. No paddling or worst so I consider ourselves lucky.

I think I'm going to have to get used to the fact that she seizures.  I'll still continue on her raw food, vitamins, or cooked food. Staying away from commercial diet.  It's healthier and I find myself eating healthier too :)

Thankfully so far she seizures while we sleep so I am there to comfort her while she's in and out of seizure mode, and to keep her safe from harm.  Also, thankfully they are still more than 1mo apart.  I'll put her on meds if they increase in frequency.

So far for 2009;

March - big one- 15 min-3am: includes above, paddling, drooling, throwing up (had an exciting day at agilty workshop, used commercial food in treat bag with other goodies)

Sept-13-big one-15 min- 5am: includes above, paddling, lots of drooling, gave her honey afterwards (had an exciting day at agility workshop, used commercial food in treat bag with other goodies)

Nov -22 - mid size-18min-2am: see above for details, gave her honey afterwards. She's been on raw light meat, veggies and or cooked (I ran out of raw and cooked until the weekend)


happyd said...

I'm sorry to hear this. Hopefully she doesn't have to rely on medication anytime soon.

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

thank you for the kind words!

This seizure activity took us by surprise but since we switched to a raw and or home cooked diet, they've been few and far between.

I'm very pleased to meet the other half of Baying beagle! I love your site. It's very informative and I love the videos!