Thursday, November 19, 2009

my new blog

My shift in focus is another path or journey to explore which
is to create an organic garden, delve deeper into the practice of
Buddhism which links body and mind, and share any inspirational
quotes I come across.  So if ever you're having a bad day....
this new blog will hopefully lift your spirits, if not spirits,
it will make your stomach growl!

Brittania beach across from my fav coffee shop

My pups are superstars, I absolutely love how much we've learnt
and am very proud of our accomplishments.  They are perfectly
imperfect for me.  I've lost count of how many cues we've learnt,
and look forward everyday of their doggie antics, melt in your
mouth sweet things they do, and new games we make up.

Howe Sound, taken from the Spit- kiteboarding mecca

Our new journey begins!  Be assured that my houndz will
be happy about their new jobs as testers of the organic
treats and dishes we come up with.
After all they are as much foodies as I am!

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