Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A brand new day- Nov 4/2008 Obama won!

Exciting times ahead.  Picture of Taiki ,  me and my Barack & Roll t-shirt that I wore to work :)


snoutbeagle said...

I LOVE it!! And I love that you wore it to work too. There's a really cool graphic Obama tee online at Urban Outfitters (classic Shepard Fairey) that I'm coveting. I'm going to run downtown after work to see if our local UO has them in stock, otherwise I may just have to order online.

Yes, very exciting times! You heard the promise he made to his darling girls about the puppy coming with them to the White House ... might we have a First Beagle?!

River said...

That's a cool shirt. We're doing snoopy dances here.

love & wags,