Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mamquam trail- maple leaf n zoomies

Mamquam trail just off the golf course, luckily situated about 5 min drive from Home Depot. Perfect for gals like me! Darrell caught the "home improvement" bug so while he and the guys hung out and figured out how to replumb a bathroom...I ducked in for a quick hour long hike :)
Keegan had the zoomies the whole time we were out!  I love his running style, it's gone from goofy, uncoordinated, looking like he was running on a pair of stilts, to now,  at times he'll throw in a "wow" graceful gazelle stride. He's been awesome at agility lately understanding the difference in what his body needs to do for short jumps and will automatically extend fully for long jumps.  We're working in very short spirts from a 6 in to the floor bar, to make sure we are gentle on his growing body.  Working so he gets the feel for strides and body coordination rather than height.
Keegan in for the sneak attack on the unsuspecting Taiki
In the background of the sneak attack shot, there was a single maple leaf that caught my eye.
It was soooo huge!
I couldn't resist taking a pic of cutie little putie Taiki to give you an idea of scale of this leaf.

We cut off the path to the river, where there was this little island of sand surrounded by river rocks.
Again, Keegan was full of beans and bugged Taiki until he'd chase him.  Around,
and around, 

and around they went!


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Looks like a beautiful walk!
Slobbers, your Scottish pals xx

River said...

What a pretty place right by a big store. It looks like wilderness. That was one humongous leaf--what size is the TREE??

love & wags,