Thursday, July 24, 2008

Estuary trail- located just before The Spit

Access to the estuary is via this bridge, located just off of the road.  It's a relaxing walk, wide open spaces to practice recalls :)  I took a recall class this past spring with Rita one of my fav instructors at Dogsmart.  Believe it or was a definite confidence booster.  Every class provides you with building blocks for the last day exam.   If you stuck to the instructions and practiced in quick spirts, the result is a bullet recall.  My beagles chose me me me!  Me over other dogs, people teasing them with toys, a food bowl full of treats (they had to run past the food bowl to get to me), squirrels, ducks, and a hotdog stand.  Not bad for a 6 wk class.  No squishing, threatening, yelling, punishing..... their rewards were tasty treats (ie..roast chicken), play with me, games and cuddles.  A little bit of honey goes a LONG way.

Wide open trail shot.  I use long lines when hiking, just guys are awesome, but if ever they didn't hear me, or temptation was just too overwhelming, having the long lines drag is my safety net.  
Pretty flowers, I need to buy a book on plants that are common in this area, so I can include names.
Daizy and Taiki's (you have to zoom to see him) recall off of the geese in the distance, you can barely see them, but I gave my guys the cue "geese,  check it out" so they get the green light to adventure out and get close to the geese, and then I recall them back "ZOOM" is our new recall word.  I love watching their expressions when they come bouncing back to me.
George's recall off the geese.  He's so dramatic about skidding around and bombing back.

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