Monday, July 28, 2008

clicker training makes me hopeful

This isn't a blog about my guys, rather a little note to self to keep my chin up.
I found it interesting this month, I noticed that media is highlighting the endless possibilities for humans and animals to work together, using positive reinforcement methods.
It's funny in life when you feel like you're losing ground, you come across something like these documentaries... two individuals with gentle hearts, a love for animals, a clicker and the knowledge of classical conditioning (concentrating on rewarding the desirable behaviours...instead of using emotional, physical, fear, or startle methods as punishment to control undesirable behaviours) are making people think and seeing the value of working with another species using a simple reward system to achieve a behaviour. This is how all my dogs and foster dogs are taught. No matter what sort of past lives the fosters had, they all thrived.
It's people like these two that make me feel that it's important to share what we learn whatever it is that we do really well that can impact someone else's life for the better where you concentrate on making good things happen.. please share it. As little as our contribution might seem, it makes the world of difference to those you touch.

Giant rats who detect land mines and TB .... "clicker" training bridging the "language" barrier. (click on the watch video)

Buddhest Tigers...a very hard story to listen to in parts. Hope comes in the form of a wild animal "clicker" trainer from Montreal. Part 2 Tiger temple: click on the link below to start the documentary


snoutbeagle said...

Yes, when I heard the familiar click in the the tiger clip I thought to myself "at least this is going to have a positive ending". well, at least a positive "to be continued" ending.

snoutbeagle said...

AWESOME! They are hero rats. Thank you for sharing. Endless possibilities through this communication.