Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Head Halters (Gentle Leader)

Interesting post on re: using head halters vs flat buckle collar from Susan Garrett.  I so agree with Susan, especially for puppies that are out of their minds excited about life (Daiz n Kee), and have a tough time trying to calm themselves and focus on one thing at a time.

I'm not a fan of leashing dogs up to collars, it's just not healthy to put all that pressure around their necks, and also...if you want to hear horror stories about what happens when someone uses a collar as a "training tool" or 'steering wheel" and it goes very wrong...I've got a few!  Well more than a few not so happy ending statistics.  I truly don't understand how people justify using a collar and leash as a "correction" tool when it can do so much harm, not only to the neck but also for the relationship.

My fav is a Gentle Leader, if we're talking head halters.  They are so beneficial, especially to help calm (acupressure points) or save one's back or arm from being pulled out of the socket when you're working with dogs who have impulse control issues.  Dogs can still play ball/ frisbee/explore... whatever...and are happy little campers.

I use them from time to time with both Daiz and Kee, depending on how my back feels, and if we're going into an exciting environment (ie..recently Keegan's insanity over squirrels).  One little excited jump ahead can have me flat on my back.

Only thing is the dog must LOVE (be conditioned to love) the halter and OWNER must not use it as a steering wheel...
Cant tell you also, how helpful they are when you're working with dogs who lunge at other dogs or people....

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