Friday, September 17, 2010

George's new job

George's progress of recuperating from dog attacks, either they're off leash dogs rushing directly at us barking, lunging or George ending up in a dog's mouth... is going really really well!!!! 

My trick this time around was to put calming signals on cue when I notice him using them with our crew.  I watch George like a hawk during interactions,.any time George provides polite feedback to them,  tons of fun stuff happens, tons of sweet talk and even my body language supports his decision to hold out just a little while longer and they will get the message and leave you alone or stop doing what annoys you. 

This gives George a job to do when he begins to feel stressed or if he feels the need to "control" the situation...instead of acting tough...he sends out calming signals :)  We're working also on a combination of BAT, CC, D & C and what I call J.A.C.K :)

Here is one of the few calming signals I've put on cue.

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