Saturday, May 29, 2010

door dasher update #2 !

YOu can tell who I've been working with most....Daisy n George normally ride up front with me and they chill in cozy dog beds, so we've worked in dog beds but not recently ...since the last video.....from kennel in the trunk you can see first hand their expressions.."huh...what am I supposed to do?"
You'll see where our history of the way we communicate comes into play.  They are quick to catch on to this game :)  I absolutley LOVE this side effect of positive reinforcement training!  You don't hear one peep about "sound buzzer!!!!WRONG answer!!! ", you just hear me redirect or repeat what I'd like to see happen, then we repeat to see if they catch on.  Repeating a cue in the learning stage just lets you know YOU need to go back one step and reinforce (or cheer on and reward) what you'd like to see happen.  You'll see what I mean :)

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