Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daizy seisure 4:57-5:10 & testing to see if any neural damage

She sleeps on the bed especially for this reason as I'm right there to comfort her through the seizure.

pre-3 min - swaying, head looking around as if she was watching a fly in slow motion.

during -4min  head side to side,drooling,paddling, extended rightsid limbs

post- 9mins head down body stiff

5:17 big sigh, back to sleep

I had a feeling it was going to happen.  I came home that night to puke everywhere.  Poor girl.  I forgot to thaw raw food for the morning and instead I fed everyone Taiki's kibble (which I occasionally use to mix in with treats) after their peanut butter and banana kongs.   I should know by now that kibble as a meal is one of her triggers.  No matter how organic or high grade it is...her body can't digest it as a meal.

I'm happy I get to work from home today, so I can keep tabs on her.

My big worry always is that there will be some neurological damage. She's so smart and LOVES to learn.  She's my firecracker.

I keep mornings really boring, no running around.  Load up on brain food (peanut butter, banana kong for breakfast, raw elk today and fresh blenderized veggies for lunch, yogurt- frozen berry blend for snack before we go on our evening adventure, then tonight chicken & blenderized veggies), and try to keep things low key, very lazy in the morning after a seizure.  Mid- afternoon and evening walks I just go with the flow, let her tell me what she's up for.  In the evening I'll do a test to see how her problem solving capabilities are.  Tonight it was showing her two sneakers, hiding them and asking her to retrieve them one at a time.

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