Wednesday, January 21, 2009

fogged in!

That believe it or not is  downtown Vancouver at dusk covered with a blanket of fog!  My work building is one of those that are peaking through.

I work in downtown Vancouver and live in small town Squamish about 45 min outside of Vancouver.  There is a "system" that has kept the fog in Vancouver for the past week!  It has been pretty scary driving in the morning and evening as we get closer to Vancouver.  It's like driving in a white out with the fog being so heavy.  

I'm  happy that Squamish has had nothing but blue, sunny skies this past week, as I would go insane having to live day and night in this fog.


Gennasus said...

My poor brother is in that!! The photo looks fabulous but I also wouldn't want to be living in there.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

WOW!!! What a really beautiful shot, but no....I don't fancy being stuck in that either!!
Gorgeous sky :o)

snoutbeagle said...

Just like everyone else I wouldn't want to be living in it, but that is so cool looking though!

Congratulations on getting into your seminar! I'm so excited for you! I still think back to last Feb. when I went to Sylvia's seminar how very amazing it would have been to participate with Marvin, but I was pretty new to agility then and probably would have been scared to death. I wish she'd come back! Which pup are you participating with. I'm guessing Keegan?

On Sunday my friend, Wendy, and I are leaving for Florida to visit her mom who "winters" there. I'll be there till Thurs, so only a short trip, but I can't wait to soak up warm weather and sun with no snow in sight!

xo Jackie

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

must take pic's of the sunny weather! just the thought of warm air and sun is comforting........short trip of 4 days is 96 hours of relief from old man winter!

I'd take that in a heart beat! Plus...a short trip is great as you won't miss home!

re: workshop, I'm hoping to take Daizy my crazy beagle girl actually. We'll have a hoot. She's my baby, that has taught me more about the endless possibilties of fun we can have together working as a team, so she's always going to have first dibs on adventures.

Plus it's a two day workshop so if she gets burnt out, Keegan will be my relief pup.

George is not crazy about agility, he prefers to enjoy life without a competitive edge, so I'll share what I learn with him and goof around in our yard on the equipment and do something special with him that he loves to do.