Tuesday, December 21, 2010

x-country pooch trail :)

Whistler Olympic Park has a trail you can enjoy with your pooch. My partner took Keegan out for a couple hours while I worked. I'm so proud when I watched this video because Kee did a great job meet n greeting some dogs and ignoring others, while listening to my partner.

It's these times where I see proof in the pudding that if you take the time to teach your dog polite social skills, you can take them anywhere.

The more you enjoy doing with your dog, the deeper the bond you build, and the more they're eager to follow your lead...so they don't miss out on the fun.

Keegan is 2yrs old and still works for off leash privileges. He earns his off leash time, in short stints.

We have fun with recalls and he gets jackpots for checking in with me all on his own. Building a solid foundation of us being aware of eachother's needs, means there's little possibility of him blowing me off.

Long lines ROCK and working off leash in short quick, FUN stints...pay off tenfold down the road. Once a reliable check in and recall are established, I NEVER take it for granted, and always TEST their reliability with fun games. If they're slow to recall, that means more work needs to be done on my end.

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Kristine said...

That sounds and looks like such a fun place to take your dog. It's great when parks keep dog walkers in mind.

We are still working hard on Shiva's recall. It has come a long, long way but still has a bit to go, especially when live distractions are involved. I think what you said about earning the privelege and keeping it SHORT and FUN is very key to success.