Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No need to guard food

There's more than enough to go around to those who are patient and polite.

I'm not sure why some have a hard time using food to "train" dogs. It's such a helpful tool to use; be it a motivator, a reward, or a distraction. It speeds up teaching cues and also provides ample training opportunities, especially one very important issue that ALL dogs need to learn to be SAFE around humans and other dogs...RESOURCE GUARDING. Trading whatever they have for a treat or classically conditioning the approach of other dogs or people near your valued possession (be it toys, food, people, spaces...) = MORE TREATS for you!


Kristine said...

It baffles me as well. But unfortunately I've read many articles by some pretty high-status dog trainers that disparage reward-based training, or "treat-training" as they call it. They say it is akin to bribing the dog and not teaching him anything. Obviously this is grossly untrue. The influence these trainers have over the general public worries me greatly. Positive reinforcement methods are what saved my relationship with my dog.

ANYway, thanks, as always, for another great video!

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

Keep blogging and sharing! That's all we can do!

Each challenge we overcome or find a baby step in the right direction without using intimidation or other methods, and sharing is the only way the word gets out that there's another option.

I always ask people who shun the reward thing; given the choice, which method do you think your dog would choose paws down. It normally makes people quiet.

marcbachelet said...

hey Kristine yeah... It was same to me... some trainers are fraud! At last i bought a book from according to one of my friend. And i have found some true secret things. they said too that "No need to guard food" !

Thanks to admin for his/her true blogging.

Gold Number Charms said...

Hi marcbachelet,

what book you bought? I need some books for training my puppy.

And thanks to Kristine for her nice blogging.