Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TWIST on Zen....KISS it but don't eat it ...and George "IN" sooo cute!

So much fun this lunch hour with dogs!!!!

Doggie zen progression to reinforce eye contact gives him access to all sort of great stuff...plus it's a game we play together..Here's Keegan....this was the first time I thought of adding to kiss or lick but don't eat before adding movement by dropping it Daisy also added herself into the mix....Daisy...don't know what I'd would do without her.  She added the dog in your face while you play this game with MOI...part of the game.

This sort of training will help with Kee's distraction training around other dogs.

* I would not play this with a resource guarding dog...I have played a TON of zen games SLOWLY leading up to this point.
 I had a foster who would make the hair stand up on my arms and give me goosebumps...we worked up to this point but it took weeks of very very careful timing and rewarding his impulse control and TRUST in me that I wouldn't do anything to harm him or push him beyond his emotional limits.

Here's George and me helping him generalize "AROUND" AND "WAY TO ME" AND new one "IN". He's such a scardy cat that when I can help him work through his fears or apprehension about something, I LOVE taking the time to do it. I noticed that he was worried about but at the same time really interested in how much fun Daisy was having jumping in and out of this tunnel...so I took the opportunity to show him ...if he's worried about something YOU can COUNT on ME to let you know what you CAN do with stuff you're worried about...then I just helped him out with "IN"

YAY!!! HE got BRAVE and did it! Now I can't get him to STOP..it's too much fun!

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