Saturday, August 7, 2010

SO much FUN in the woods today!

Keegan's still in bootcamp, YOU can tell he's IRKed about it :)
My beagles make me proud :) I made the mistake of giving Keegan too much off leash time in the woods this past year....don't get me wrong...he's AWESOME but...he still has adolescent brain and after 2yrs of not chasing anything ( because of all the WORK we did )...he took off after a biker, because 4 other dogs we were walking with DID.  He just circled the biker while 2 dogs barked at the biker.. and REcalled back to me, no biggie..BUT the fact that he JUST got caught up in GANG mentality... IS NOT SAFE.  So....back to the drawing board and bootcamp.  THAT was the ONE thing I didn't practice training...HAving him stay close WHILE OTHER dogs RUN away and take CHASE...Its dangerous having a dog that races off to chase.  My beagles were on a long line for 2yrs, and just off leash for quick recalls and THEY ARE crazy AWESOME now!!! So I am soooo NOT EVER going to repeat this mistake again.  You can tell by KEEGAN's ears and body language...he's irked at being on leash while beagles are off leash.  TO BAD, SO SAD :) 

The beagle and the aussie :)

pups n walk it

I LOVE nature...UNLIMITED source of REWARDS and need to worry about running out of TREATS :)

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