Monday, August 9, 2010

People must think we're NUTS!

I know some get a kick out of us and have stopped their cars, to watch us, or some even have stopped to chat about how they can't believe beagles are so obedient. Then there's Keegan, who is just the biggest goofball EVv'a...who if left to his own devices will have you shaking your head and laughing at the same time..or pulling out your hair ;)

I took video yesterday on our walk to keep track of some of the stuff we do out and about to fill up my Fresh Start blog with ideas for training opportunities while out and about to reinforce polite social skills.

Here's another recall game I thought up yesterday to help reinforce that when I'm's time to come chill...with me:) I didn't want to recall Keegan. I wanted him to figure it out on his own. Daisy did of course! At first you can see her expression......"okay...are we coming or going..." and both sort of thought..."I know we're going this way, so we'll just wait her out ;) will be worth repeating, I liked that at the end I bent down, and that's when they came to see me. It's been a bit of a trend that I've noticed that helps calm them right away. It's been awesome for George's anxiety too.

Shadow Handling w/ George while out and about, walking first, reward "go sniff" then once he checks in, I start running so we run together on the side I'm looking over my shoulder, then I stop...and he stops beside me to chill :)

Reinforcing that when bikes and screaming kids ride around...we chill out, practice for Keegan!  I've go to set up some training sessions where bikes race by us or in the distance while he chills with me.  Next step is to have dog racing by us and Keegan chilling with me to reinforce ...just because other dogs are racing after a ball or WHAT'eva...Kee can stay by me UNLESS its safe to go play CHASE with the other dogs.   I'm still shaken up at the thought that he'd race after something fast moving. I've also got continue globalizing the herding cues...that may help him wrap his head around what TO DO with moving objects better.


Beaglebratz & mom too said...

Beaglebratz mom(Kim) here - I know what you mean about Beagles being obedient and people not believing it. My Shiloh has won best pet trick at our local pet fair for 3 years - even people that know us are in disbelief that he could do so well. Both Shiloh and Shasta are registered pet therapy dogs and have earned their Canine Good Citizen standing - i think that says something for Beagles. All you have to do is find out what motivates your Beagle to learn - but be prepared for them to learn at THEIR speed, not yours. I love my Beagles and there is no other breed I want.

Beaglebratz & mom too said...

By the way, I LOVE your blog and the training tips you offer.

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

thank you so much! I can not imagine life with out my personal therapy beagles either :)

They're not the stranger therapy type beagles but I am so PROUD that Shiloh and Shasta are out there spreading their beagle love!

Canine Good, true ambassadors!

Thank you for the words of encouragement. It feels so good.

Learning at the dog's pace is really the best part of the relationship...without taking the time, and just trying to shut them down, you miss sharing all those little exciting lightbulb moments that warm my heart! It's that sharing of the "I get it, SEE!" "I'll do it again, happily!".

I love your blog too, it's so refreshing and soothing and cute too boot! Puts a smile on my face.