Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here we go....intro to how I go about "training" a dog from scratch

Step by step.

I'll use Happy Houndz to continue logging the fun and crazy stuff we get into...but thought it would be helpful to those who want to start from have a place to go for my Coles notes on building a strong communication foundation; built on trust, fun and the name of "dog training".

I couldn't have gotten to this place without all the BRILLIANT trainers (listed through out this blog and on my Mentors links)  I've been so very fortunate to have worked with some, studied with, read their books, bought their dvd's, read their updates in their blogs, been to seminars with...really so very very thankful for their time and sharing their expertise.

I feel like I have found that magic between me and my guys..each personality different from the other and together...we have SO MUCH FUN...

We respect eachother limitations and the best part is...we're here to help eachother out.  It's an awesome feeling, to know my guys have my back...when I'm feeling blue, and I'm the first to step up, when they need a hand to learn to work through something overwhelming.

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