Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, walking isn't the only thing KEEGAN needs a refresher on...

I LOVE the video by Dr. Ian Dunbar about adolescent hiccup where you start noticing things fall apart and article..

Don't get me wrong...KEE is amazing.  We've come so far it's flattering that other people comment on how well behaved he is, because it makes me realize how far we've come!  Then KEEGAN humbles me and reminds me how much further....we need to go :P

Anyways...we've got some work to do on giving things up, when tugging, and reinforcing a retrieve rather than KEE adding the keep away game...

I found that out today when I tried to make a video of turning an annoying thing into a game for them to enjoy...thinking of an opposite incompatible behaviour to counter the annoying and or sometimes unsafe behaviour they're engaging in.

It was supposed to be Daisy's video...but Keegan stole the show :P

DAISY, was picking up sticks and eating them.......after this gland removal issue...which is still got me all worried...the LAST thing I need is for Daisy to be eating sticks!  So instead of saying ...don't do it...I turned the table and have been asking her to pick up sticks and give them to me.

1-gives her a job to do
2- keeps her from eating sticks
3- saves me from picking up sticks ;)
4- keeps Keegan entertained at the same time...he loves to take things out of Daisy's mouth and join in on the game.

KEEGAN...who normally just takes the stick from Daisy's mouth and relays it to me...started racing around with it....cute...but that leads to a game that I don't like to reinforce "keep away" and also...he wasn't too eager to give up the stick...when playing tug...which is NEW too.  I've reinforced playing tug and the cue to give it up is me being still since puppyhood so it was a bit of a surprise to say the least when he didn't....

We'll be working more on  KEEGAN's:

1-tugging, reinforcing an automatic release when I'm still

2-also not bugging another dog taking toys out of their mouth ALL the time...that's going to get him in trouble with less lighthearted dogs than Daisy.

3-making coming to me after getting a toy or treat MORE rewarding than playing KEEP away, even though it was cute to see him all bouncy.  I'll do that using the Premack Principle, he brings the stick or ball or frisbee to me...immediately after the retrieve, then I'll get him to jump up and grab it and release him to do as he pleases with it.  That way, the retrieve loop is closed.  Playing keep away is a whole other game separate from retrieving. It's a game that I INITIATE...not KEE :P  He can play that game  on his own time, with other dogs.


Beaglebratz & mom too said...

Mom Beaglebratz here - loved the video. I am anxious to see how Keegan and Daizy are doing. I know both of the B-bratz have passed the adolescent stage but I say that Shasta is my perpetual puppy. Shiloh is bigger and knows how to use that weight altho he's pretty good most of the time. We are going to be doing some refresher work during the next few weeks - they are both registered therapy dogs but we have been unable to visit anywhere - even get out for walks - for the past several months due to my disability/vision which got worse. It is getting better and we will be getting out and about more. They both have been thru several obedienceclasses over the years and we have been practicing them in the house. I'll be watching to see how Keegan and your other dogs are doing.

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

thanks and please share your beaglish training stories...I absolutely can no imagine life without these merry little hounds who on a daily basis remind me that growning up and being good all the time...isn't as much FUN as being good most of the time and allowing yourself to let go and your nose or happiness TAKE OVER!