Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walking w/loose leash has been such a treat these days !

KEEGAN was doing an awesome job, then TURNED TWO...and has been going through an adolescent brain dead phase.  He forgot all about how enjoyable walking BESIDE me could be :P   I was crushed :(
He just wanted to race full speed ahead. I made the mistake of having him off leash too often when on trails so he totally got hooked on racing around and it was tough wrapping his head around remembering that he was limited by a leash when we switched from off to on leash. He has a great recall and checks in often which made it easy for me to ...be lazy.  Kee is such a free spirit that it wasn't a good idea on my part to let things slide.

Now....I'm so so very happy to report that we're back on track. I walk him on and off leash on trails now without any issues. I made it irresistible for him to keep his eye on me so sticking close by is always so unpredictably FUN, tasty, and adventurous.

It's important to me for all my guys to be mindful of me at the other end of the leash. My beagie boo's are AWESOME and it's nice to see KEE back by my side with a happy face instead of racing ahead.


Last weekend

We've come a long way since I shot this in the city!


1- practicing at home, in the yard, on boring sidewalks, on quiet trails at first, on and off leash, and of course adding the fun of Targeting and Shadow handling games!

2-Meet and greet practice w/family indoors and outside on and off leash!

3-Desensitizing him to being pat on the head...for when we meet people...he didn't like that much, and tried to avoid the hand landing on his head...truthfully I would have trouble with it too!

4-And of course having a history of FUN, TASTY, adventures and cuddles under our belt helps.

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