Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bite inhibition 101

Learning how to play gently using their mouth is such an important social skill.  George was great with Keegan as a puppy...and it sure has paid off, especially since Keegan is 4 times the size of George!  Bottom vid is of Taiki and Keegan...they're a riot.  

They learn so much through play. How much pressure from mouth is enough or too much and even how to have a squabble and not leave a mark!  All my guys went through puppy class. They met tons of puppies all shapes and sizes and also gentle older dogs (Owner of Dogsmart , Alice Fisher's dog,  Quilla and Kiernan, Trainer Rita's dog..both LOVE to work ).

Then I tried my best javascript:void(0)to pick the calmest dogs on we met on the street and at the park as well.

ps...I work on human bite inhibition as well, through games with toys ... I don't use my mouth :P

Kee vs Georgie

Kee vs Taiki

Taiki just LOVEs to zoom under Keegan and has even inadvertently bitten him in the privates :O

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