Thursday, June 3, 2010

WHAT a day!!!!

My 2nd tunnel arrived and ready jumps! And thankfully....although rain was in the was nothin' but blue and marshmellow white clouds in the sky today! We pretty much spent the day outside.

Here are highlights from our hike tonight :)

Keegan, my sweet sweet clown whom I adore.  I am so lucky.  Of all the puppies I saw (there were many) he was the one for me.


I just LOVE beagle tails!  No matter where they are, I can always see them!  I just adore beagles period.  They're the perfect buddy for me.  They're foodies like me, love the outdoors, or indoors, or whatever I'm up to for that matter.  They're bite size and fit on your lap, as smart as Border Collies and they keep me humble. 

More flowers popping up everywhere!


popular dogs in the Middle East said...

Must have been a beautiful day..

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

It was a treat to see so much sunshine in the same day :)

We've had grey skies and rain for the past while but thankfully it always seemed to stop for our evening hikes.

thanks for stopping by! How's the weather where you are?