Monday, June 7, 2010

Time off = 2 x 2's

FINALLY....official time off to hang out and work on things around the home, relax, hike, work on our workshop idea (Maren and I are going for it!).

I love these types of holidays...decompress from all the workstress and do some spring cleaning for the soul!

I've been to a workshop that touched on 2 x 2's and I bought Susan Garrett's dvd...

That was a year ago!  I didn't want to start until I figured some other things out like; shadow handling, building tug & toy value,  making time to go through my notes and the DVD. Today was the day we official began the training! 

It's really fun!  I have to amend it a bit to make up for my guys lack of tug toy insanity...but so far so good!  I'll transfer the value for their favourite air kong ball after this first stage, I'll start mixing in toy and food.  I've got to say that you really have to know what comes next, as the learning curve for the dogs is fast.  Your timing is everything!  AND proofing the entry angles first is so valuable!  Being able to add a couple poles means that they're less likely to pop out of one as their body will be soooo used to the movement and speed.  I just need to be pretty much bang on so I don't mess up my guys learning curve.  Lining the sets of poles up is easier if you draw an imaginary line and try think of you could serpentine through them yourself!

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Bella and Barry the Beagles said...

Wow that's a great way to teach the weaves. I will have to start trying that with Barry!