Monday, June 7, 2010

Rant about bullies and their owners

My dogs are far from perfect...but really...I tell people from a distance to "call your dog" or "leash your dog", because I don't want to play twister when I'm responsible and have mine on a lead...and theirs is off....even though we ARE in an ON LEASH technically.....their dogs should be ON LEASH!!!!!

I had Keegan with me, and after visiting Maren, I thought a nice treat would be for he and I to go for a walk on an "ON LEASH" trail.

A biker and his off leash dog came down the trail, so we've moved off to the side so they can pass.

The dog came over to Keegan...then was a complete jerk to Keegan.  Keegan who did a beautiful, curve, and sniff, then the dog postured over top of Keegan,  stiff, the Husky's expression TOTALLY CHANGED, not moving, trapping Keegan.

Keegan barked at him to back happened quickly and as soon as I saw the Husky freeze I called Keegan, but he had already barked.

THEN... the owner tells me, he's PROUD of his dog...that HIS DOG is normally the one who picks the fights and isn't that "nice" to other dogs.......WHY DOES THIS PERSON NOT HAVE A LEASH ON HIS DOG????????

Keegan WASN'T picking a fight!!!! He was telling the dog to BACK OFF and let him leave!!!! Keegan barked at the dog,  that's it.

I said that ..."standing on over another dog ACTUALLY isn't nice or appropriate and that's why my dog barked."   I also said..." it would have been nice to know in advance that your dog wasn't always friendly with other dogs. I would not have let mine meet yours."  

Man that bugs me.....can't leave on a sour note...SO.....Vid of Keegan and George  :)


mb said...

Rant away! I soooo agree!

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

I just watched the first disc of the Leslie McDevitt seminar and have a plan...evil!

The same thing I did with Keegan to do drive by meet and greets with people I'm going to do with dogs :)

I feel better now. Wait till you watch this!