Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ZOOM! PUPS! POP! BONK! I love using fun words for ACTION cues!

I love choosing words for ACTION cues that make me smile. Saying them gives me an immediate HAPPY fix...lightens the mood and gives me a boost of energy, when I'm cheering my superstars along!

I have been on a roll recently choosing words like;

1- POP!, BONK!, ZOOM!, PUPS! (I also use words that sound slow, quiet and calm which are for stationary cues...that's another blog post! )

2-have been creative with my verbal praise to let my dogs know I LIKE that!..WOW!, AWESOME!, THANK YOU!, CHA CHING!, WHOOHOOO!

3-Yes! is the word I use as a marker ...learned that 9yrs ago at Dogsmart and I've lost count how many tricks, cues, I've taught my guys because of that one word let them know I LIKE WHAT they just did. It's a special word used particularly when I'm teaching them a new behaviour or chaining babysteps together.

I think in the learning stage it helps to be consistent with your marker word, same word, sort of like a click from a clicker.

So they understand:

"Yes ! " or click & immediate treat, life reward, toys, praise = please do that one thing more often..I like it!  Mind you I'll often say "yes!" before their praise word as well. I think just out of habit.

Recalls...I have a few different cues depending on the urgency and where I am
1-NAME alone = if I'm in the woods, my emergency recall, said in the panicked tone of voice, if  I just have a split second to get one to run to me...I chose to say their name as a recall just because it's the first thing that came to mind when I was stressed and just had a slit second to react (bear involved) = go with what you think will come out of your mouth and never poison that cue with any activity that the dog will think is the end to the fun so chances are when they hear that word...they'll come running no questions asked!
2-PUPS! just an everyday check in group recall
3-Dog's name and Zoom is my everyday recall = they just need to come running placement is not required




mb said...

... goes the weasel ...

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

I just love saying that word too! popcorn!

now I've got to think of a smart trick and use "watermelon" as the verbal cue :)

I'm on this kick where I like cues that sound fun...

It makes me smile every time I say "Zoom" as one of my recalls and POP! or Sneaky...