Friday, June 11, 2010

Dr. Karen Overall - From Leashes to Neurons ....and jungle gyms

Speechless. What an amazing and myth busting seminar.

If only those who use terms such as "dominant", 'you must dominate", "alpha", "submissive"... could listen to her seminar.

If anyone is interested, I ordered the DVD from

Here's a clip:

The science and history behind what is really taking place in a dog's brain; how on a molecular level learning really takes place is crazy!  Truly we are incredible beings, animals and humans!  It puts our shared biology into perspective.

How important your choice of teaching style is when you communicate; whether it be with another human or animal...

How what you say and do affects what people/dogs learn about their environment and human race, and the long term sociological effect it has is thought provoking.  What footprint are you leaving....

Below are a few more invaluable topics that she spoke in further detail:

1/ the truth behind dogs differential displays meant to open communication with us.... in trusting ways...... which are misconstrued...just brought tears to my eyes.

2/ how they go about seeking information from the world around them, and how important it is to understand their vocal and visual cues.

3/ biological evolution and how "social orders are not created or maintained by social force...imposed force situations always, always fail.... as there is no evolutionary basis for them"

4/ how best to communicate with dogs...simple steps.

5/ biology behind psychopharmacology, it's place in behaviour modification and how it helps dogs work through their anxieties whether genetic in nature,  created by humans (abuse in the name of training)  or their environments.

6/ how much of the damage can be "undone", from a biological point of view once something is learned by stimulating the fear region of the brain.

To off set this serious subject...

a video of me using this site as a jungle gym to practice recalls, cues and maintain my status of "Explorer of unusual but FUN stuff" the more they explore the less they'll be afraid of!

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