Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Around and Way to me cues

Teaching dogs how to go around other dogs or bikes or skateboards or...insert whatever they are likely to chase...and come back to you for ANOTHER round of celebration & rewards!

So you have something beside your recall (which if unreliable...) that the dog will understand what TO DO with that herding or chase instinct that got the best of them.

Here's a quick and dirty video of what I took 5 mins to teach them, well less than that...we've got some refining to do,  but for now I thought it added some humour to the serious subject.

There are traditional herding cues to use:

"Way to me" is for counter clockwise going around the flock"
"Come bye' or "Go bye" are for clockwise.

I use "go" meaning to move away infront of me and "come" well...that's a recall.... so I thought it would be confusing. For clockwise, I already use "around" for going around poles when on leash so I kept that cue for the clockwise movement.


mb said...

Original idea I say!!! Principle of teaching what to do rather than focus on what not to do. Good one K! I'll get my skateboard and bike out for you next time we meet :0)

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

and cat please :P

We can work on Opal too....open bar when I walk by, closed bar when I leave!

That's my mantra ....teach them what to do...much more fun!

sniff, touch, coze into it, back it up, around, target (lay on top of it).....just don't chase, eat, or bark at it :P

Norwich Terrier Puppies said...

Very smart dogs! I agree with this kind of 'positive training method'.