Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sometimes the best gifts

come from having to dig deep inside.

For a quiet person the dynamics of having two trigger happy Beagles and a crazy Aussie have provided me with countless hours of; me shaking my head and laughing while enjoying their daily comedy skits or having my heart swell with happiness when we all have a lightbulb moment.

As there is balance with everything in life, I've also spent (and continue to) countless hours scratching my head going back to the drawing complaints!  Being able to communicate my wishes and have them happy to learn, deepens our bond and truly is a gift.

It was today that I made arrangements  2yrs ago to go on a road trip to see Keegan puppy.  Out of all the puppies out there at the time (33 of them) I'm so lucky that he was the one meant for us. He's such a clown.

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