Saturday, May 8, 2010

Door work!

Cynthia, hope it was okay to mention you and your furry crew in the video (let me know if not and I'll edit it out) was your door work that reminded me we've got work to do and then I loved Leslie McDevitt's video clip promoting her we got working on it this morning!

then some fun!!!!


Cynthia said...

Feel free to mention me, I'm honored! What do your guys normally do if someone comes over? What's your goal for it?
Those crazy teenage girls, they must be the same the world over. Gustav and I got rushed by a pack of two screaming and running. Luckily I saw them coming and stepped off to the side and had him sit. He rubbernecked a lot (to use your term), but made it no problem. You did a good job keeping your cool and getting George refocused.

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

with Daizy n George I never really did much as they're fearful so they don't bolt out the door and when people come in both George and Daizy walk over to them but don't smother people, they'll be on their way.

Keegan is a whole other story. He gets out of his mind jumpy and fully of happiness he can't contain himself. Right now depending on who comes over, he's in a crate or on leash and no one is allowed to interact until his is calm. Then he gets to sniff the person and if he looks like he's got things under control, he goes in for the coze coze , four on the floor and they massage his back (that TTouch).

When you created that video..I thought I should do more door work!

sitting is too hard for Keegan right now. Four on the floor and being massaged on his back while he offers his back and butt to the person. That way they aren't over top of his head which will trigger him to give them a french kiss....he's go quick that this is the only way he doesn't get "icked" by friends.

Sitting is too hard for Daizy n George too as they're fearful so if they don't feel trapped...they're relaxed when they say hello, sniff,get a pet and when they've had enough they leave. If I notice that they're not enjoying the way someone is petting them, I'll call them over to me for a treat.

I don't like to put that kind of pressure on George, but I didn't have any treats so you just do the best you can....I knew that I needed to get him back into the house, as a barrier. I didn't want him to race to the end of the leash as that would have been his cue to machine gun bark and not be able to focus on me letting him know what comes next. You can see by the way he reacted to my body turning toward him...immediate sit...I was firm with my body language. It's a powerful tool. That's why I don't understand why people do hands on stuff...a movement forward will get you the same results without the emotional fallout. I still felt bad but he was fine with it and enjoyed playing outside in front as a reward.