Sunday, May 23, 2010

City walking w/3 dogs

I went to pick up some raw food today for the dogs and took Daizy, George and Keegan for a walk afterwards in a novel area of North Vancouver.  It's so important to keep their city walking skills sharp otherwise it's not second nature.  I always start on a quiet street then wrap around to the retail area.  That way we can get our groove on before things get noisy and busy.

Walking in the woods on trails, or even in our neighborhood is not like being in the city where the sidewalks are busier and there's retail along with residential,  creating a buzz of new sounds, smells, people and other dogs to run into!  So today we went back to square one at first and before I knew it, Keegan remembered what the drill is when walking in the city :)
George was great today w/people and other dogs.  I don't stop to greet other dogs when mine are on leash on sidewalks as it gets to be a gong show playing leash twister.  PLUS....George is still fussy about the dogs he meets so I err on the side of caution. We either step aside in the grass and let people / dogs walk by or I'll cross the street.

I need a helmetcam or something to strap to my body :P...

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