Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update on generalizing cues...taking the show on the road

Really it doesn't matter which cues they're learning...they ALL need to start from scratch when you go to a new place or meet new people, or situations...until they have confidence in what needs to happen. When they get that blank look on their faces...I'll always be there to help them out.

ie..In our Obedience class mock trial test, we had practiced everything in little bits and pieces. We even practiced the cues at the beach, on our walks, in the yard, in the house...as many places I could think of...but STILL we had never strung the complete trial outline together...so this was NEW in my books.

In the real deal, I wouldn't be allowed to double cue. Either verbal or quick handsignal is allowed for a couple cues, otherwise your body movement is cue for the dog.

Even I needed some guidance from Rita and Jeurgen who explained what was coming up....and even when they did...I made mistakes!

Here's us working on verbal cues, mixing in "obedience" cues among the fun stuff not relying on as heavily on double cuing (verbal and or handsignal).

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