Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tunnel arrived today!


I have it set up inside while I work and take breaks to create some excitement around the tunnel...yes! Building value is the first step!

What's interesting is Keegan who loves tunnels is apprehensive about this one...just goes to show you that new situations affects each dog differently.

This tunnel smells new, it's in our home rather than outside or in the agility barn and to top it off....I don't have sand bags holding it in place, only a chair. I think that's what is concerning Keegan...it rolls a bit, so we'll start from scratch building value until he's comfortable with it!

I'll actually condense the tunnel as well so that he gets used to the movement of the tunnel. Then I'll extend it slowly after that. Babysteps! I don't want him standing in the tunnel, so condensing it ensures that he will run through rather than stand inside then he'll be rewarded with treats, play, toys.....life rewards!

There are games I will play using that tunnel as a secondary reinforcer which will end up being their primary reinforcer...it's really easy but does require you to do a bit of homework...basically just listing the things they love in life.

I took some workshops which taught me how to transfer the value and motivate my dog to see the obstacle or behaviour as trumping what I was using at the very beginning to reward them with.

After that comes creating balance.... I don't want to give away all the good stuff just yet.

It's so much fun and helps a ton with fading treats so you don't feel like a PEZ dispenser!

Taiki, Daizy n George had different reactions to this new addition to our living room :) Daizy n Taiki are crazy for tunnels, George thinks it fun, but doesn"t rev up like the rest...they are unique and always entertaining.

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