Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home made agility equipment makes teaching cues fun!

www.cleanrun.com is loaded with super sweet equipment.

My favourite agility trainers are;

Susan Garrett, all around training www.clickerdogs.com
Greg Darrett, shadow handling http://www.gtagility.com/
Susan Salo, for jumping grids, http://www.jumpdogs.com/
and of course
Sylvia Trkman (my all time hero! she's so relaxed and chill, I love her!)

We made our jumps w/pvc from Home Depot for approx $10 per jump....and it took Darrell about 5 mins per jump to cut and glue.

If anyone wants to know how, I can email the details! We have left over temp fencing we use for a "tunnel" for now. Use your imagination...it's fun!

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