Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jake goes to the country!

I decided to move Jake over to Mountainview Pet Haven where he'll get two trail hikes a day, cuddles, a huge yard and pool to cool off in and his own sleeping space.  

He was super happy to be there.  Francesca runs such a wonderful home away from home, and I found out yesterday I am only in the way if I visit during the week.   So I'm going to take him on the weekends and teach him some basic tracking games since that's his passion.  

She's got all his needs covered during the week....down to having Animal Planet on in the kennel area, a cot with a blanket and chew waiting for him in the evenings, fresh water and food when it's time for bed !  I teared up last night after our walk when I saw that.  He b-lined for his kennel so I know he's happy there.

He's such a character, is more of a people beagle, definitely not a dog park dog.  He would love nothing better then to be able to follow his nose along a trail and have someone behind him cheering him on when he catches a scent and begins to bay (actually it sounds more like a siren/fog horn cross :P  It scared George the first time he heard it, he came racing up to me and wanted up into my arms :)

I'm not going to try to train him to be a city beagle, as I've realized over the past 8 years of owning beagles that you need to find out what their passion is and run with it.  They're not stuffed animals or robots to command or squish them into fitting into an environment.  Going with their passions, watching their spirits be free to express their excitement for life is contagious and makes me fill up with joy.

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