Friday, February 6, 2009

No snow in Vancouver!!!!

Last weekend I came into town to meet a friend Mike.  The dogs came with so we could walk and catch up at the same time.  We started off at Spanish Banks, the dog beach area....Jackie, just think how much fun Diesel and Marvin will have if you bring them to Vancouver!  Forest hikes one day, then hanging out at the beach the next, take your pick!  
Keeganarazzi, poor Mike!
Talk to the hand.
Downtown Vancouver from Spanish Banks.  After Spanish Banks we walked up to Spirit park then up the hill towards UBC.

There was no sign of snow anywhere!  Just this lush green grass that I swear was like catnip to Daizy n George :)
We found this open area just past Spirit park and watched Daizy n George wrestle and race around chasing after the ball.  Sun and green grass, signs of spring (in Vancouver anyways).
WWF smack down!
The sleeper hold
Where's George?


Gennasus said...

What a gorgeous day! Can't wait for signs of Spring over here, especially as it looks like you've sent all that snow over to Britain!

Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

Britain AND Squamish seem to be holding on to the snow.

We're only about 1hr away from Vancouver and still covered in snow :(

It's nice to be able to pile the dogs in the car and pretend it's spring time in Vancouver atleast!

I'll have to visit your site to see pic's!

Gennasus said...

Sorry, not much snow to see on my blog! We only got a little bit, being right on the coast, most of it happened inland and away down in England.