Sunday, December 14, 2008

Paw in Hand Puppy Pre-school pic's :) first round

Yay!  Round one of classes under our belt!  It was so rewarding to see everyone last class having fun with their pups in the name of training!  Not one "No" or yank or stern voice yelling fido, fido, fido, sit, sit, sit, sit! be heard :)

We made last class a game night, to review all that we've taught.  
1-Walking around with slack lead, using praise and sweet talk to keep pup focused in an area littered with  loonies, toonies, quarters and a down or sit on one earned you some pocket change :)
2-Recall through an agility tunnel, using a game with their favorite toy as the reward. All were agility stars!
3-Toy in wooden spoon rally race for juggling picking up a toy with a wooden spoon and having pup sit while you get yourself organized before walking to the far end of the gym, then sit again while you dump the toy and then praise & game of chase as a reward to race back dog along side you to tag the next player.
4-Revv pup up and Settle game (only standing still as the pup's cue to settle and give you eye contact)
5-Last off leash play, with people picking up odd things and walking funny, to see if pup's would be fearful of something, then having intervals of everyone going over to different pups and asking them to sit, down, collar grab.
6-Start of Stay.....using your body language to release the pup, until they understand the word "Stay".

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