Monday, December 15, 2008

Daizy ringing a bell

We discussed cues to help with housetraining in our puppy class.
One that came up was ringing a bell.  I taught Daizy that :)

I made a video last night, to prove beagles too can ring bells!
She's so cute, I couldn't resist putting it up here.


snoutbeagle said...

Oh sweet girl!

I've considered teaching Marvin to ring a bell to go out because his signals are oh-so subtle, but I'm quite certain he'd abuse the knowledge and use it against me!

Bell = outside = whoopie!!

Rueger is so cute! I'm glad he spent time with you.

snoutbeagle said...

Rueger? Sorry, I meant Rueben ... not sure where I got Rueger from!