Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dusk walk at the Spit

It's been so stupid busy at work, I've been working day and night with my only refuge being daily walks/ jogs with the dogs. Weather has been beautiful but we're coming into some rain, so tonight I headed out to the Spit for a long walk. It's the off season of Kite boarding so we had the place to ourselves:)

I love that about Squamish, you can choose to be around people, or if you want to be selfish you can enjoy a trail all to yourself.

Finally a shot of Taiki where you can actually see his cute little button face.
Sunset hidden from the clouds.

Something caught George's eye.
He tried walking on water to get to it.....but was shocked to find out that he couldn't :P
I love his back leg, speed boat, dog paddle wake :P This was his first deep water swim!
Panoramic view, of mountains facing the Estuary trail we normally walk.

Ahhhh I feel relaxed now. Bring on the chaos!


aa said...


Everybody should sincere about their work but there are many other things in the world. You did a good thing that you walked and you enjoyed that. I will suggest you to do this everyday.


Daizy, George, Taiki n Keegan said...

I agree with your suggestion. I am very fortunate to be able to enjoy nature walks daily.

I am blessed to live by a river trail and am surrounded by ocean and mountains

I take full advantage of everyday!



River said...

Beautiful scenery--funny about George trying to walk on water. I live outside the 'Scenic City' (Chattanooga) and try to appreciate it every day as I drive home from work.

River's mom

Arikbo said...

George, you brave soul!! What a beautiful place to walk. We live in the city so we're lucky to have a tree & a puddle.

wags and wiggles,
Haley & Bailey