Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kits dog beach behind Maritime Museum

George, Taiki and Darrell spent Saturday watching movies. George's back, is back to being a mess so he's taking it easy. Daizy, Keegan and I went to Dogsmart for some agility. Daizy and I came in 2nd playing gamblers :)

After agility, we went for a visit to Kits dog beach, behind the Maritime Museum then enjoyed a walk along the boulders along the path of the seawall.

Kits beach faces the concrete Vancouver core. Ying /yang. I love that about Vancouver.
We walked past a duck pond , past this plant with gigantic leaves. Looks prehistoric!
View of Vancouver from seawall path.
Sit stay, down stay, take your pick.
Another pic from shore.
Tuckered out after our day, asleep on the back seat.

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